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Yeah! Chinese! Teaching Demonstration


Yeah! Chinese! Teaching Demonstration

Yeah! Chinese! is designed for children learning Chinese as a foreign language at younger age. The series includes textbooks, big books, flashcards, reading materials, digital resources, teacher’s guide and demo class teaching videos. This video is Teaching Demonstration by the author, Nini Nam.

    Pedagogy of Yeah! Chinese!:

Storytelling is a natural way for children to learn.
Stories engage students of all ages, especially younger children. 
Storytelling allows the students to acquire the language in a fun and low-anxiety environment.
Stories provide a meaningful context of the language. 
Use high frequency words in children"s daily life.
Varied repetition of the vocabulary and structures guarantees the language acquisition.
Integrating songs and actions into the lessons to maximize multiple intelligence.

    About the author:

Nini Nam has 17 years experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. Majored in English language and literature at the National Taiwan University as an undergraduate stu-dent, she has empathy and true understanding of second language acquisition. Nini is a seasoned presenter. She has been invited to language conferences and workshops to pre-sent and to coach teachers. In addition, she has extensive experience in curriculum devel-opment for Mandarin as the second language as well as Mandarin for Near Native speakers. She is currently teaching in an international school in Hong Kong for both tracks.


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